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We strongly believe that a successful horse and rider partnership does not happen by chance. Your horse is your friend and partner. He is not your employee or vehicle. There needs to be trust and honesty on both sides of the relationship. Here at Windfall, we take your strengths as a rider, and your horse's strengths as an athlete, and meld them together to form a bond. It is this bond that enables you as a team to navigate whichever discipline you choose.

We would love to help!

Sometimes you just need a little extra help and/or some solid guidance. Learn from our experts, ask questions, get advice on your horse, your riding, and best of all - see results and reach your goals. Ride with Windfall, we make a great team!

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Windfall Equestrian

Hunter Jumper Training at its best...

Old school training with a modern twist. You can't beat classic dressage and modern show jumping. Our new motto is  "Have fun while learning to ride. Have even more fun taking your knowledge and skills, and learning how to WIN!"   It does not matter whether you are at a schooling show or "AA" 5 star USEF show.  We operate our business with integrity, and pride ourselves on satisfied customers, exceptional results, and a solid reputation in the industry.


Our Beliefs

We believe that better basics are the building blocks for success at any level. The training and instruction at Windfall emphasizes horsemanship and the development of a sympathetic relationship between horse and rider. As a smaller-sized program, Windfall prides itself on providing highly personalized care and training that brings out the very best in each horse and rider.

Our Trainer

Andrea Throckmorton has been involved in the hunter jumper industry for over 20 years. She has competed on horses she trained herself, from baby green hunters all the way to Grand Prix jumpers.  She is also a rated USEF judge, available in hunter, hunter breeding, jumping, and equitation divisions.  If you want to win, or just have fun trying, Windfall is the place for you!

Andrea Throckmorton

Andrea and "Tradewinds"